Ruth Yankees Red Sox Essay Sample

Ruth Yankees Red Sox Essay Sample

… , who regales her with
tales of her home town, Whistle Stop, Alabama. They center on Idgie
Threadgoode, an unconventional, spirited young woman who ran the Whistle Stop Cafe, a rail side eatery where the specialty was fried green tomatoes. Idgie
the tomboy had for best friend the town beauty, Ruth, and for advisor the
familys black seamstress, Sipsy. Idgie and Ruths friendship is the
corresponding bit of female bonding in the past. When called upon, all four
friends can show resourcefulness and guts.
Idgie and Ruth have two enemies: the railroad, which kills or maims some of their …

… affecting and wholly life-affirming,
as befits a picture that means to make few waves our spirits cant go surfing
on. Some Flagg-waving is due this modest American film that can be enjoyed by
adults and children, natives and foreigners, feminists and male chauvinists,
Southerners and even Yankees who never so much as saw, let alone ate, a less
than rubicund tomato.

Bonnie and Clyde

“Bonnie and Clyde is about style and people who have style. It is about people whose style set them apart from their time and place so that they seemed odd and aberrant to …

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