It S A Hindrance For Progress Essay Sample

It S A Hindrance For Progress Essay Sample

… important role in enabling ethnic groups to blend in to the new environment. Barriers however can be created if the process of manifestation of power is created to discourage assimilation. For example mechanisms like nationalism, integrity rights, and independence of groups and establishment of political rights all contribute to hindrance. [Daniels, 1990].

Part 3
Despite the above factors that contributed to assimilation, it has been observed that culturally diversified groups in America have been able to mingle, adapt and exist in a harmonious environment where the groups each created boundaries for its community and yet become participants of the American …

… easily dissolved. In fact it is the external environment and factors that contribute to the barriers that are irreplaceable. For example the existing political system that does not allow for ethnic groups to participate and assume authority; neither does the Constitution make provisions for the newly accultered groups so as to allow them to have more freedom in expressing their needs politically. Combined with the economic setback of skill requirements along with community relation, the ethnic groups are hindered from progress. [Daniels, 1990].

Part 4
Van den Berghe in this book The Ethnic Phenomenon compares the cultural groups, their acculturation …

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