S W O T For Walmart Essay Example

S W O T For Walmart Essay Example

… ) Channel conflicts making it difficult to get products to the customers.
2) Change sin managerial thought patterns
3) Having to come into contact with new markets
4) The simple reality that Walmart has built its operations base with people , who for the most part, do not use the internet for shopping.
5) Difficulties in creating brand recognition and appropriate status for Walmart as an appropriate E-trailer.
In sum, it appears that Walmart is going to have to deal with trying to operate two completely different types of businesses and be able to contact two completely different types of markets …

… and this many hurt some of the internet sales.

In examining the web sites at Kmart and Sears it is apparent that each of these sites has its own unique flavor but none of the them are particularly outstanding and they each could use some work.
Kmart and Walmart sharer a focus on low cost Internet access, and products available of the family at low costs. However, these are small items for the most part. Kmart offers clothes and I did not find them on the Walmart site.
Sears is geared more toward charge clients and large purchases. It …

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