Safer Vehicles Trucks Essay Sample

Safer Vehicles Trucks Essay Sample

… without Panama credentials.
Of the 24,000 troops deployed to Panama for Operation Just Cause, four percent were women. Lt. Lisa Kutschera and Warrant Officer Debra Mann piloted Black Hawk helicopters to transport troops into Panama City, often under heavy fire. Other female soldiers, supposedly relegated to safer duties such as driving trucks of supplies, performed their duties while dodging enemy fire.
In the aftermath of the Panama Invasion, the American public saw less resistance to increased combat roles for women. In a poll conducted by The New York Times and CBS news showed that 72 percent of Americans supported …

Recognizing the danger already faced by women in the military, President Clinton signed a bill rescinding the ban on women in combat and combat-related jobs. At present, women can now train for a variety of combat specialties, including piloting jet fighters and bombers, attack helicopters and driving armed vehicles. Even the army infantry technically allows women to serve as part of the M.P. company.
The increasing role of women in the military is evident in the growing responsibilities of women in the latest military operations. This has given rise to concerns that the United States defense capabilities will …

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