A Sand County Almanic Essay Sample

A Sand County Almanic Essay Sample

… Leopold, Aldo. A Sand County Almanac. New York: Ballentine Books, 1966.

A Sand County Almanac is a testimonial to the love of nature. It is a chronicle of one years natural changes in the areas surrounding the Round River and a statement about the need for man to protect nature and take better care our natural environment.
A Sand County Almanac reads similar to poetry. The author employs terms of endearment and beauty to describe his environment and the wonderful phenomenon that nature puts forth in her efforts to maintain the balance of the world and nature. The author documents the growth of a tree, “It is the nature of roots to nose into cracks” (114), he says. However, this text is primarily an indictment of man and his actions against the environment and a call to recognize the beauty and power of nature and allow her to be as she is without the disturbance of the environment.
The author clearly sees man as the enemy. In one passage he states, “Man always kills the thing he loves and so we the pioneers have killed the wilderness. Some say we had to. Be that as it may, I am …

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