Scandal Dresser Rand Halliburton Essay

Scandal Dresser Rand Halliburton Essay

… important theme. The city, whose rituals and beliefs are consistently couched in religious terms, tries to repress human sexuality. Prometheus and his Golden One rediscover it, as they rediscover electricity. The way in which society represses sexuality and natural human relations, in addition to repressing the natural human self, is very important to Rands work.
Finally, Rand is writing as a warning against the ills of Communism and any social scheme that subverts the needs of the individual to the needs of society. Equality broke through the repression of his inner soul, that was controlled by the State. Rands purpose in this is to depict the horrors that could happen to mankind if current social trends continue (Lindstrom) In The city, a small council of elite citizens is in complete control. In this way, Rand highlights the inherent deception of communism and all such social schemes — they only take away individuality, but they do not really bring equality. She suggests a radical freedom that is opposed to all such states.


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