Scarlet Letter Tragic Hero Essay

Scarlet Letter Tragic Hero Essay

Compares Hamlet and Oedipus the King as tragic heroes in literature.

… Oedipus the King and Hamlet. Each of them perform great deeds in battle and work hard to live by moralistic standards beyond reproach while at the same time displaying very human flaws that in the end destroy them. Each of them is the classic recipe for being called a tragic hero.
Oedipus the King was a tragic hero because of the pain he caused himself and others along the way to fame. He desired to become the most powerful king of his time and this greed for recognition is what made so many of his actions become tragedies. One of …

… his men saw in him during his lifetime.
Hamlet by contrast, was a different type of hero. He did not crave fame and fortune(Shakespeare, 1990). He had no desire to be world famous. He was thrust into a situation because his uncle murdered his father. He was a hero however because in his quest to avenge his fathers death he won many battles, as Oedipus had. In addition to the similarity with Oedipus when it came to heroic traits they also had commonalties in flaws. Hamlet cost his friend his life because he did not act quickly enough …

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