Schindler S List Character Analysis Essay Sample

Schindler S List Character Analysis Essay Sample

… which became a mighty polemical weapon, helping to expose the theoretical hegemony of the anticivic position.

Equating the civic with the state-run has also been encouraged by much recent political theory. The list of political theorists writing on civic education reads like a who’s who of academia, and almost anyone who wants to address a major theme of democratic theory feels compelled today to put …

… service . . . or whether the fundamental goal should be directed at cultivating moral character and moral conduct” (Hejka-Ekins 1988, 885).

Lilla argues that morality is a way of life, not a method of analysis, and by bringing abstract ethical reasoning to the study of public administration, the ethics movement helps to create a moral vacuum rather than fill one. He describes the popular movement of ethics in …

… 1) Aristotle expounds how moral formation is promoted by the creative presentation of drama, music, and literature.

Another function of liberal education also depends upon a vicarious student experience as a means to character formation. It was noted earlier that Jefferson asserts that liberal education can “enlarge” the mind of the student (Honeywell 1931, 250). Jefferson’s statement might be interpreted in light of what today is …

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