School Disabled Essay Example

School Disabled Essay Example

… type of discrimination to Lee is direct institutional discrimination. As a child with disability, the school must provide Lee with a classroom assistant. However, he was not provided with one. The school violated Lee’s disability rights in that the institution did not fulfill their legal responsibility, indicated by law, to provide a qualified assistant to a student with disability. In view that the school did not fulfill their responsibilities mandated by the Disability Rights, Martins article indicates that the Special Education Needs and Disability Tribunal has
the following judgment against the Jenny Hammond school.

that the school had broken the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act

that the school had placed Lee “at a substantial disadvantage without justification”.
[the school] did not provide Lee with the delivery of education or social services.


Martin, Nicole. Disabled Pupil Was Kept Out of Nativity Play and Class Photo.

2003. News.Telegraph.Co.Uk. 16 Dec 2003.

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