Science Exam Past Papers

Science Exam Past Papers

… Psychology Exam

1. In modern psychology psychologists have various ways of explaining behavior. Erik Erikson believed that behavior was a surface characteristic and that it was important to analyze the symbolic meanings of individual behavior, as well as the deep inner thoughts of the mind. Erikson also believed that people develop in psychosocial stages, facing conflicts at each stage. He felt that the personalities and behaviors of …

… believed that behavior is continually molded by fears and impulses. Horney also stated that human behavior is determined by interpersonal relationships during childhood, rather than biological forces, as suggested by psychologists in the past. Horney felt that a core of basic anxiety exists during periods of isolation, making individuals feel helpless and alone.

These feelings, according to Horney, are rooted in childhood. Levels of basic anxiety determine …

… individuals adapted to the environment in a more complex manner.
5. Lawrence Kohlbergs theory of moral reasoning consisted of six stages in which each person passes through in moral development, which included science and moral values. Each of the stages is based on cognitive reasoning. According to Kohlberg, every person goes through these stages in unvarying and irreversible order.
Basically, Kohlbergs theory of moral development …

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