Science Research Papers

Science Research Papers

A discussion on the ways some educators use the Internet to enhance learning and some of the problems facing schools without Internet and computer access.

… p. 133).
Many teachers have discovered the information online is not always accurate and correct. One teacher assigned his students to study the Holocaust online, and was shocked when, “One-third of the papers Thomas received presented the Holocaust as a hoax” (Shiveley & Vanfossen, 1999, p. 42). Thus, most teachers ask their students to develop their critical thinking skills when using the Internet, so they can evaluate …

… and not only the Internet. Some teachers also limit the use of the Internet to sites they have previously screened, and some teachers simply do not let their students use the Internet for research at all.
The Internet can be an exceptional teaching tool in and out of the classroom. To use it effectively, teachers, along with their students, need training. However, there are still many schools …

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