Scorsese Research

Scorsese Research

… is unknown.
There are also those who think that the strong, domineering mothers in several of Hitchcocks works such as Notorious and Rebecca reflect the relationship that the filmmaker had with his own mother, Emma. In Hitch & Alma, Robert Schoen says that this is all conjecture. From extensive research, Schoen adds, he found that Hitchcock had a positive rapport with his mother. Hitchcock was nothing but the devoted son, often taking his mother Emma along on vacations with Alma. Hitchcocks father died when he
was still a young boy, and a deeper attachment between mother and her youngest …

… ) An ardent fan of Hitchcocks, Truffaut stated that: “Psycho was oriented toward a new generation of filmgoers.” (ibid).
Brian De Palma (Blow Out, Carrie, Scarface, David Fincher (Panic Room Fight Club) and Christopher Nolan (Memento) among many others profess how they are influenced by Hitchcock. As director Martin Scorsese summarizes about Vertigo: “This is an amazing movie…that sustains over the years because of its powerful truth and its unflinching themes.” He adds: “Most American directors working today have been influenced by Hitchcock. Theres no doubt.” (Vertigo)
But then what director would not have been influenced by Hitchcock …

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