Seattle S Best Coffee Swot Essay Sample

Seattle S Best Coffee Swot Essay Sample

… Justification for the Problem Statement:
Starbucks Coffee is currently the industry leader in coffee houses and specialty coffees. A company that began in Seattle, Washington. Starbucks produces itself on the quality if its products and its unique environment. The company sells brewed coffee as well as coffee beans. The organization has grown dramatically in the recent past, but the market it serves in changing and it has …

… to raise more money
(2) keep employee policies the same
(3) expand to new markets and do not use market penetration strategies
(4) contract with large restaurant chains to provide all of their coffee
(5) roast beans for other organizations
(6) purchase the competition
(7) get into the coffee growing business
(8) introduce a new line of products
(9) make the coffee houses full service cafes
(10) …

… existing units so that people will come in who do not drink coffee and more business can still be had.
There seem to be about three approaches that will prove to be best for this organization. The Starbucks organization is going to have to expand into other industries and expand its restaurants. Its market niche needs to be redefined to a small extent and the organization …

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