Second Wave Feminism Essay Sample

Second Wave Feminism Essay Sample

… long way since the bra-burning days of yore. Feminists in the 1960s and 1970s helped break down significant barriers for grrrls, and helped us to reclaim that fun-filled word. However, that “second wave” of feminism is long gone. We’re back to struttin’ our stuff, high heels, lipstick, and all. Now 20-somethings don’t have to demand to be called a “woman” to assert …

… Likewise, images of physically strong and powerful woman dominate television and movie screens. Tomb Raider and Charlie’s Angels are but a few examples of modern role models empowering the consciousness of third wave feminists. The musical industry abounds with examples of “chick bands,” like Bikini Kill. In fact, Bikini Kill singer and activist Kathleen Hanna coined the term “grrrl,” (Garrison).
Third Wave feminists need not be …

… domestic goddess. Grrrls don’t have to shun the joys of cooking to be considered a feminist. Feminists can proudly be wives, mothers, pussycats, or international spies.

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