How to Sell Freelance Articles to Newspapers

How to Sell Freelance Articles to Newspapers

There are a variety of different freelance writing opportunities available from online articles, to marketing copy for corporations, to product descriptions for retailers. Often the type of freelance writing that is the most lucrative and financially rewarding is writing pieces for newspapers and magazines. However, getting into this type of freelance work may not be as simple as writing for the Internet.

Do you read the newspaper regularly? One of the best bits of advice for freelance writers looking to break into the newspaper industry is for the writer to be familiar with newspaper. Newspaper writing has a different style and format than other types of article writing. The audience tends to be specialized and it is important to understand what type of work newspapers will be interested in buying. Newspapers have writers and journalists on staff that they pay on salary to fill up their papers. However, that does not mean they don’t accept freelance work as well. The key is to read the targeted paper and notice what sort of writing the paper generally prints.

It is also important to understand that there are different types of newspapers to write for. The daily papers in larger cities tend to have larger circulation, more salaried staff and less of a need to seek out freelance filler pieces. However, small town papers or weekly newspapers may have more of a need for this type of service.

With newspapers, it is impractical to submit an article to one paper at a time since newspapers have a low pay rate. The great thing about newspapers is that those readers do not read multiple papers in different areas. That means freelance writers can do simultaneous submissions to multiple papers at once. An article may sell for only $10 but if you sell it to 50 different papers the rate is much higher.

The first step is to find the contact information for newspaper editors that the writer is interested in submitting work to. It is important to either send the submissions separately or to blind copy the editors on the email as editors do not need to know that the freelance author is submitting the work or query to multiple papers. There is typically one positive response to every 10 negative ones so even if there are only a small percentage of papers willing to negotiate, count that as a success.

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