Shakespeare Sonnet 129 Essay Sample

Shakespeare Sonnet 129 Essay Sample

… In Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130, we are presented with a somewhat different approach to the traditional love sonnet–we see Shakespeare’s talent at work as he manages to craft a sonnet despite the poet’s less than perfect honesty. By employing the stylistic technique of imagery and irony, Shakespeare’s sonnet 130 convinces us that love is greater than beauty.
Perhaps the most obvious element of this sonnet is how Shakespeare does not utilize grandiose metaphor to describe his mistress. He is, in fact, having fun with the standard love poem of his time by using irony. Shakespeare does …

… -10) Although Shakespeare is using the same clichés that make up the other love sonnets of his time, he is using them to illustrate his less than perfect mistress.
Shakespeare follows the traditional ababcdcdefefgg rhyme scheme in an iambic pentameter; however he creates a new structure with this sonnet with his straightforward and honest approach. Shakespeare uses the sonnet structure to reinforce his parody of the traditional Petrarchan sonnet. True to the traditional sonnet form, Shakespeare successfully demonstrates the depth of his love for his mistress despite her shortcomings and at the same time, he illustrates the true power …

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