Shelley To A Sky Lark Analysis Essay Sample

Shelley To A Sky Lark Analysis Essay Sample

In addition, William Blake also admired nature in its entire splendor. For example, in the short poem, “The Lilly,” simply announces that nothing can “stain” the beauty of the lily. This poem also illustrates the stylistic use of rhyming poetry to create a rhythm within the poem. (62)
Percy Shelley was another Romantic writer who enjoyed the beauty of nature and was able to capture it in poetry like no other. His poem, “Love’s Philosophy” is an elegant blend of the beauty of love with the beauty of nature. By acknowledging that “nothing in the world is single” Shelley

… . Noting that the “granite ridge” with a tree and a small creek would be enough, but this poet found “hill beyond hill” to be “too much,” stating that the whole thing made the mind wander. Snyder does what the Romantics did when he imagines “a million summers” and the “sky over endless mountains.” He continues to say that “all the junk that goes along with being human drops away.” In addition, he goes on to state that “a clear, attentive mind has no meaning but that which sees is truly seen” (238). Clearly this poet is expressing his appreciation for …

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