Sherif Sherif And Social Judgement Theory Essay Example

Sherif Sherif And Social Judgement Theory Essay Example

… subbordinate everything else to that dictate. It is the only justifiable argument that a totalitarian leader can make. I would go go far as to call the Divine Command Theory, a secondary or invented imperative that makes social order and with it existance possible and even pleasurable, if we believe the Utilitarian notion that happiness is the root consideration in all things..
Throughout history, the DCT has …

… of god above the dictates of his own conscious, does he truly become a man of god. Ironically the reasoning, responding to his own personal imperative, exercising free will and the responsibility of judgement that with it is what allowed Abraham to break from the old order and adopt monotheism. Yet the god who loves him must break him of this habit if Abraham is to be …

… habit if Abraham is to be of service to him. This is supposedly the cornerstone of Jewish faith, and the tale is accepted as a celebration of that faith.
Yet, throughout the Bible and the history of the Jewish people, it becomes very clear that the categorical imperative is essential in determining right from wrong, and in establishing the Jewish nation in service to god.
With the …

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