Sherwood Essay Sample

Sherwood Essay Sample

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The lies he tells initially seem to be to more about impressing the yaps in the saloon than to cause any harm, but we all know that dishonesty is wrong and sooner or later the truth comes out.
Nevertheless, we sympathize with why he lied to Lucy Wessen. Through the glances and the way she had looked at me, awhile before, over her brothers shoulder, and me looking back at her, and both of us blushing (255) we come to realize his lies to her were out of fear of rejection.
In this way, and throughout his story, Sherwood Anderson portrays a common aspect of human nature: the fear of being unaccepted. Through dramatic irony, and quaint language, I’m a Fool offer its readers a timeless moral issue wrapped in a tale where lies come undone through matters of the heart.

Sherwood, A. I’m A Fool
Literature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing. Roberts and Jacobs 6th Edition, 2001.

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