Shiloh Summary Bobbie Anne Mason Essay

Shiloh Summary Bobbie Anne Mason Essay

… go. The people that suffered through the Holocaust were stripped of their dignity and sense of self.

Some people were spared the tragedies of the regime if only for a short period of time, thanks to the goodwill of some people living in Germany. Many remember the story of Anne Frank, who hid in the attic of her fathers office building until they were discovered. Many people were closeted away, forced to live several years on their tiptoes, in a space that was hardly large enough to move around in. They also lived in constant fear of discovery, and …

… quickly, as they were separated from their loved ones, left without support, nourishment and even a decent place in which to rest their weary bodies. Those that didn’t die from slaughter in the concentration camps, ultimately were left with the prospect of passing from starvation or sickness.


The most relevant material researched were three books written by survivors of the Holocaust, including Night, A Survivor of the Holocaust and How Dark the Heavens: 1400 Days of Nazi Terror. Each of these books share in common the sentiment that to live during the time of the Holocaust was …

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