Shooting An Elephant Analyzing Essay Sample

Shooting An Elephant Analyzing Essay Sample

… make. The first thing you need to do in dealing with a difficult person is not to control his behavior but to control your own. Suspend your natural reaction by naming the game, then buy yourself time to think. (Uries)
Learning to behave differently in a familiar situation requires analyzing ones own actions and thought processes. One must deconstruct the situation. A woman throws a snowball at a man. The mans natural reaction is to throw one right back. Unfortunately such natural reactions are not always the best choice. What if the snowball thrower had been the local …

… its unique code of morality.
Statistically, for every ten inner-city youths, by the time that they would have reached age eighteen, five of the youths will know someone who has been the victim of armed robbery, two will have witnessed a murder, and four will have viewed a shooting. One of the youths will have been the victim of an assault with a weapon, one will have been raped, and two more will have had their lives threatened. By way of contrast, suburban youth will also be at risk, but substantially less so. Fourteen percent of suburban youth (as …

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