Short Stories Written By Helen Keller Essay Sample

Short Stories Written By Helen Keller Essay Sample

… of women’s causes, and became a symbol of the American left. In many ways, she became much more than she might have been without her disabilities. But, were it not for one spell of illness that came and went in a flash, we would never have known about Helen Keller. “They called it acute congestion of the stomach and brain. The doctor thought I could not live. Early one morning, however, the fever left me as suddenly and mysteriously as it had come. There was great rejoicing in the family that morning, but no one, not even the doctor …

… School for the Deaf and the Cambridge School for Young Ladies, Keller also studied physics, history, mathematics, literature, and astronomy. Her determination to possess as much knowledge as possible took her to Radcliffe College, from which she graduated, cum laude, in 1904.
Helen Keller’s autobiography stands as one of the most moving personal tales written. It has been the source of innumerable live reproductions and is practically part of the canon of elementary school reading. My Life Story is a manifesto of personal drive and dedication that shows all of us that disabilities are simply differences in our bodies …

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