Short Summary Of The Crucible

Short Summary Of The Crucible

Summary of an article on the literature of Ha Jin, a survivor of the Tiananment Square massacre.

… Question #1

This article discusses the literature of Ha Jin, a writer and survivor of the Tiananmen Square massacre. The article discusses Ha Jins new book, Under the Red Flag, a collection of short stories that aim to reveal the stories of people who live within the confines of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

The purpose of the article is to introduce Ha Jin as a writer and paint a picture of his accomplishments to the reader. The main points of the article include a description of the Tiananmen Square massacre; Ha Jins relationship to the massacre; the topics of Ha Jins stories; and the purpose of his writing.

The article uses details of Ha Jins stories as supporting details, as well as information on why his writing is so powerful. The articles author also tries to make a connection between the Chinese and American cultures in the article.

Question #2
This is a literary article on Ha Jin¬ís new book and how he emerged from the Chinese Cultural Revolution to produce an expose through fiction. The article has a strong opening paragraph that is effective in capturing the readers attention. It discusses the …

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