Short Term Consequences American Revolution Essay Sample

Short Term Consequences American Revolution Essay Sample

… . By the mid-1950’s both the United States and the USSR recognized “that nuclear weapons had produced a revolution in military affair, making war among the great powers, while still a possibility, no longer a sane policy recourse.”
This …

… and warns that, if
similar provocations are repeated, it will be obliged to take retaliatory measures, responsibility for the consequences of
which will rest on the governments of states committing aggression against other countries.”

On May 15, Khrushchev made threats …

… with the means for escalation during the Vietnam conflict. In other words, “deterrence had short term value and long term administrative implications.”
The third world was thrown into an economic crisis. Prices for raw material had dropped due to technology …

… economic management. The IMF, International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, WB, “stepped in as a clearing house for short and long term loans for national development of third world countries.” However, the World Bank was under funded and so …

… /ST/STchp20.html. (accessed 04-11-2003).

Wheat, Tom. “A State of Clear and Present Danger: A History of American Foreign
Policy during the Cold War”
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Wheat, Tom. “A …

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