Sick Rose By William Blake Essay Sample

Sick Rose By William Blake Essay Sample

… growing up. Sooner or later life’s hard lessons will make themselves known. The “unhindered” is an important consideration from the point of view of God’s granting of free will.
If Book of Thel is a road map to the Thel’s struggle to hold on to innocence, William Blake extended the same idea in two separate collections of poems: The Songs of Innocence and the Songs of Experience. Revisiting the hand of God in the lives of man: From Innocence to Experience, God is a benevolent God—giving hope, joy and childlike pleasure; whereas, God is also a …

… one recognizes the allegory of Book of Thel from the perspective of Thel’s sexual awareness. The Rose in this poem most likely refers to a young girl who is sick with shame of her own sexuality. Unlike Thel, the Rose seems to be aware of her state in the first line, where she states: “O Rose, thou art sick!” It is in the lines to follow that the cause of her sickness is identified. She associates her sickness with the “invisible worm/That flies in the night”. The worm most likely refers to a male figure in her life. …

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