A Simple Heart Felicite Essay Sample

A Simple Heart Felicite Essay Sample

… the circulatory system is the increased workload that the heart takes on as a body is continually supine. Ironically, the heart “works harder in the resting supine position than in the resting erect position.” Overworking the heart can be fatal in patients who are prone to heart attacks or heart disease. The physiological changes that result from prolonged periods of inertia include an increase in volume of blood to be handled by the heart. Without gravity to assist the natural circulatory process, and as blood leaves the legs to be distributed elsewhere, the heart takes on excessive work and stress …

… more serious consequences of excessive bed rest. While Johnson concedes that there is little direct documentation of the connection between bed rest and blood viscosity, she posits that thrombus is nevertheless a major concern for nurses. Solutions to the threat of cardiovascular problems resulting from immobility include the obvious: simple exercises, passive and active range of joint motion, and isometrics are a few. Changing the patient’s position from horizontal to vertical without building up intrathoracic pressure is important, as is the reminder to the patient to breathe instead of holding the breath when moving of his or her own …

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