Start Your Career with A Successful First Resume

Start Your Career with A Successful First Resume

You have just come out of the hallowed portals of your Alma Mater with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in hand, with a lot of hopes and a lot of dreams. You are confident that you will soon find a good job and that you will be financially independent – no more depending on family for money.

You have gone in for a resume download and entered your details. You assume that this is going to be your successful first resume. You have passed the resume around, applied for advertised jobs and you are waiting….but…..nobody seems to be interested in you at all….Where did you go wrong? Well, the fault is not in you but in the resume you have prepared.

Just hold your resume in your hand and give it a quick glance. It may be an engineering resume, bookkeeper resume or any other. Is there anything in it to hold your attention? Hordes of students pass out of college each year and so many of them would have applied for the same job. If a company decides to shortlist a resume there must be something special in it. For it to become your successful first resume, you will have to take the trouble of making your resume exceptional.

A good first resume will be one which has focused on the following points:

  • Your talents and skills:

The job which you are applying for will require certain skills. If you have the required talents you have to mention them in your resume.

  • Your Education:

You have no work experience to lean on. So to prove that you are up to the job you will have to mention the degrees you have obtained, study courses you have undertaken which qualify you for the applied job.

  • Your Achievements:

Good grades in tests and prizes won in competitions need to be specifically mentioned. This is where you may score over other job aspirants. This is an important characteristic of successful first resumes.

  • Voluntary work and summer projects:

You may have seen that students clamor to do jobs in their vacations and free time, they even do summer projects for no remuneration whatsoever. Why? Because they know it is work experience which will add value to a fresher’s profile in the job market. Mention all the details of jobs and projects.

An employer will not appreciate flippancy or humor in your resume. In fact it may make the employer doubt your earnestness. Also, don’t be dishonest and don’t show off ; at the same time don’t be so humble that you hesitate to mention relevant details of yourself.

Does all this sound too complicated? Do not worry.

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