Stem Cell Debate Papers Essay Sample

Stem Cell Debate Papers Essay Sample

… potential of helping humans better understand human developmental biology. This has several important implications regarding questions like the causes of premature birth, genetic diseases and infertility, to name a few.
Many proponents of stem cell research argue that harvesting cells from embryos is ethical because an embryo is not a human being. Ethicists Helga Kuhnse and Peter Singer contend that early embryos do not have the mental …

… over 100 million patients in the United States alone who are affected by diseases potentially treatable by the many applications of (embryonic stem) cells” (Okarma 2001: 11-12).
In summary, proponents of stem cell technology base their arguments on three main areas. The first arguments are medical – stem cell research represents the potential treatment for a vast number of illnesses. Second, attempts to regulate stem cell research …

… of the millions of people who are ill and who stand to benefit from stem cell research.
In many ways, the current ban on the federal funding of stem cell research is a debate that goes beyond the mere medical benefits of scientific research. Instead, they are indicative of how powerful interest groups maintain the status quo by successfully blocking the challenge raised by research like stem …

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