Stereotypes Rob People Essay Sample

Stereotypes Rob People Essay Sample

… condemn the practice, the majority of people whether they admit to it or not, hold many stereotypes about others. Stereotyping is used to type cast a certain group of people into a specific mold and for some, it makes is easier to classify a certain group, even though many stereotypes are wrong and blatantly disrespectful to those being stereotyped. One of the more common stereotypes revolves around athletic performance. Many believe that some do better than others in certain sports and also go as far as to believe that some people are inclined to perform better due to genetics.
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… movies, in print ad as well as in many educational materials. Therefore, the stereotype that African-Americans excel in sports, particularly basketball more than likely, is based these observations. Conversely, many people are in awe at Tiger Woods ability to play golf simply because the belief is that Black people do not play golf, as Tiger Woods is one of the few Blacks to venture into the world of professional golf and dominate it.
On the other hand, women are thought to excel in sports such as gymnastics, tennis, ice-skating and other non-contact sports. Why are women thought …

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