Stevens Comedian With The Letter C Essay Example

Stevens Comedian With The Letter C Essay Example

… , the telegram served as a quick or instant mode of long-distance communication that substituted for a formal letter. Wire services such as the telegram or the telephone offer conveniences that the formal letter cannot, such as immediate delivery or live conversation. However, the contents of a long formal letter cannot be contained in the small package of a telegram. Phone calls can be expensive, and do not offer the opportunity to write poetically. Formal letters, whether they are love letters to and from estranged partners, political messages from leader to leader, or letters from sons serving in the military …

… burgeoning popularity in the 1990s made formal letter writing even less popular. Because e-mail and instant messaging programs combine the best features of letters and phone calls, they are the most significant factors contributing to the decline of the formal letter. Because they are one-sided like letters, e-mail can be totally anonymous or highly personal, depending on the need. E-mailing is far faster than snail mail. There is no better way than to communicate with a friend traveling in Europe than to send an e-mail. E-mail is also relatively inexpensive, and in many cases …

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