Stoicism Paper

Stoicism Paper

… was often the sample space of patients. In studies with smaller sample spaces, correlation was observed which raises doubts as to their validities, especially since statistically significant correlations were not observed in studies with larger number of patients. Similar confusing statistics were also observed in cases of studies where stoicism and fatalism were indicated.
On the other hand, methods such as anxious pre occupation and depressive coping, which means continuous obsessing, were also tried as coping mechanisms. Studies showed that patients that showed higher anxiety had lower survival times. The same results were observed with those who were chronically depressed …

… Proceedings quite a remarkable finding: that the new Optimism-Pessimism scale of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) predicts no less a dependent variable than death itself. The finding is unusually important for 2 reasons: First, the obvious one is predicting a “hard” measure like mortality from a “mere” paper-and-pencil psychological construct. The second is more subtle, and it comes from the long history of this project.
More than 2 decades ago, researchers in the field of learned helplessness began to find in animals that encountering uncontrollable bad events resulted in inadequate rejection of implanted tumors and inadequate …

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