Stones For Ibarra Essay

Stones For Ibarra Essay

… punishment, and I respect your opinion. However, I think we need to step back and look at it from a global perspective. I know that your are very involved with granting China, favored nation status. One of the things we continually press China on is their lack of respect for human rights.
China has a history of extreme abuses negating the sanctity of what it is to be a human. China, as you must know, has a record of state-ordered executions, second to none. Currently, there are more individuals executed in China than in all the rest of the …

… our concern over this matter is very difficult, as the Chinese are also aware of our own use of the death penalty. In recent years, they have taken to issuing reports about the inequity that exists on our death row, essentially asking us if we are qualified to “cast stones.” Considering the high rate of wrongful execution in this country, and the high percentage of, indigent, and uneducated that we put to death, they have a point.
I appreciate your desire to improve relations with China, and hope that you and your colleagues hold their feet to the fire over …

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