Stopping Woods Snowy Evening Essay Example

Stopping Woods Snowy Evening Essay Example

A personal description of the authors personal assignment of cutting herself off from media for several weeks.

… most important lesson I learned was balance and moderation. Being denied media contact leaves one rather ignorant of world events and may actually deny you of a cultural experience. I remember listening to someone on the radio once, talking about how she had gone to a cabin in the woods to work on her thesis for college. She was gone for four days, no phone, no radio, no television, no contact with the outside world. When this person returned home, she discovered John F. Kennedy had been killed. Those who were alive in 1963 and old enough to be aware …

… where we were when we heard the events unfolding that morning. Media is a powerful force and keeps us connected to the world. However, we often allow it to be the only force in our lives. We allow ourselves to watch reruns of old sitcoms rather than sharing an evening on the porch swing with our friends. Most of us know all the story lines of our favorite television shows, but few of us know the story of the people in our lives. I learned the importance of balancing my life. Moderation is the key to balance.

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