Stories Of Succesful Businessman Essay Sample

Stories Of Succesful Businessman Essay Sample

… the era through the transitions conveyed in the characters lives. The author was able to express his feelings about the era through the stories of each character in the novel.

One of the characters in the novel was Charley Anderson. Charley was a war hero who became a wealthy businessman in the airplane industry. This was in account of his profession as a former war pilot. However, with the technological advancements of the new society, Charley lacks discipline and social skills in his field. He oftentimes drinks and gambles in the stock market resulting to great losses. In Charleys …

… one organization to another in a cause of helping people, however, feels dissatisfied in every movement she is relocated. Through her, Dos Passos shows the character of a person during the era that doesn’t know the true meaning of what they are working for.

There are many other stories in the novel that represent the changes in the society of the post war. The author used them in capturing and depicting the culture and history of the time.

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