Story Of An Hour Research Essay Sample

Story Of An Hour Research Essay Sample

… illness?

2.Literature Review.

The literature was reviewed to gain insights in the research that has been done on the effects of depression on various aspects of the behavior of children and adolescents. Research methods, particularly instruments used, were also noted.
Messman (2000) in her examination of parent- and teacher- reported behaviors in relation to child-reported depression and anxiety in preadolescents concluded that parents needed to …

… Lego, blocks, clay, dolls, etc. This was also videotaped. The child and experimenter then sat at a table for play narrative. The child was given dolls and props at the start of a story and asked to choose a doll to represent the child and family and to act out how he thought history would end. In each of these three situations nine behaviors were observed, three …

… and twenty externalizing youths and their mothers and twenty non-clinical youths and their mothers were used as controls.
Each dyad underwent a three- hour visit and the mother had an additional one- hour visit. The assessment tool used was the Schedule for Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia for School Age Children (K-SADS) and the Issues checklist (a 44-item self-reporting scale of everyday conflicts between …

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