Story Of The Lake Of The Innesfree Essay Example

Story Of The Lake Of The Innesfree Essay Example

… the authors alter ego aspires. Winter Dreams is a fairly long story, divided into six parts that mirror the stages of Dexter Greens relationship with the beautiful, selfish and wealthy Judy Jones. Dexters desire for Judy is his winter dream, the embodiment of Dexters yearning for an eternal spring, beauty and the fulfillment of romance and wealth. Their relationship also highlights the main theme of the short story the disparity between illusion and reality, how idealized conceptions often shield people from painful truths.
The story begins when Dexter is 14, towards the end of a cold …

… , frugal life. Though not poor, Dexter feels as if winter shuts his life down like the white lid of a box (217). During this time, Dexter yearns for the colors of spring and the extra pocket money he earns caddying for the rich tourists who vacation at Black Bear Lake. When Judy and Dexter meet for the first time, he is a lowly caddie while she is the spoiled daughter of a rich automobile. Despite their class differences, from this point on, Dexter dreams of Daisy the same way he yearned for springtime during the cold Minnesota winters. This sets …

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