Storytelling And Children With Aggression Essay Sample

Storytelling And Children With Aggression Essay Sample

… behaviors expected of their age level. They may show lack of developmental skills, they tend to lose control over aggression and inability to control themselves.
· Children may imagine unwanted images and thoughts. They may repeatedly describe disturbing images of the …

… out improper messages to the child or to his caregivers.

According to James one needs to develop a relationship with the child, thus deliberately take her back through her painful experience. Our natural inclination is to shield the child who …

… who have undergone traumatic physical intrusion.

A child may understand the event cognitively through direct teaching by the therapist. Storytelling, the use of metaphor and direct discussion of what happened at a level appropriate for the child’s age level …

… of the original event or that which may be threatening.
Dissociation events have implications for the treatment of traumatized children:

· Clinicians should be observant of instances of dissociation in children.
· Diagnosis must include an assessment of the possibility of dissociative …

… about leaving and saying goodbye are disclosed.

The program dwells on activities for the abused children. Therapists, clinicians, parents and caregivers are supposed to be very observant, wary about reactions or withdrawals, reluctance to participate, still some expression of fear …

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