Strategy Analysis Ebay Essay Sample

Strategy Analysis Ebay Essay Sample

A short series of explanations relating to marketing strategy and economics, focusing on customer wants and needs.

… a result of this mentality, such companies leave large amounts of money on the table though they would be far better off if they understood the notion that buyers care not only about the price of a product but also about the way it is sold to them.
The managers of one industrial-resin manufacturer, for example, believed that its product was simply a commodity so the manufacturer could compete only on price, But an analysis of the customers showed that for one of the biggest of them, 70 percent of the purchasing decision was based not on price but on quality.

Strategy Article #1: Does Strategy Really Matter Anymore?

• Valter Lazzari argues against personifying the firm, distinguishes corporate strategy from indivdual and military strategy and recommends strategy to coorodinate actions help gain a better understanding of the incentive systems, and to decide whether to remain a company stakeholder.
• Rosabeth Moss Kanter contrasts Scripted Strategy with Improvisational Strategy, seeing the latter as better suited to areas of high uncertainty.
• Reuters Greenhouse founder John Tayson says We dream our worse nightmares and then invest in them.
• Ivar Kenny celebrates ambiguity which can take the form of what Michael Smurfit describes as  …

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