Strength Without Beauty Essay Example

Strength Without Beauty Essay Example

… the abuse of a child, universally the kindhearted and loving individuals win in the end.
The plots and morals of fairy tales are designed to show children that no matter who difficult life may be honesty will win out. They are also designed to give children a sense of strength and not to feel overwhelmed when things happen in life that make them feel that they are unable to escape lifes abuses. If presented in complex language or in adult ideals, these complex concepts might be difficult to understand. However, in the fictional frame of a fairy tale, life …

… her true identity.
The stepsisters want the power and money of the experience. One cuts off her toe and the other a heel to fit into the shoe that the prince is traveling through the town trying to return. However, plain Aschenputtel fist the shoe perfectly. She becomes the beauty she is inside and the prince takes her to his castle and marries her.
The main theme of this story is showing that even the plainest person has good qualities. It also shows that truth and honesty will be rewarded along with inner beauty and the superficial is meaningless and …

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