Stress Essay Cooper Essay Sample

Stress Essay Cooper Essay Sample

Why is Country Living Better than City Living?
THESIS STATEMENT: Country Living is better than City Living because Country living results to a holistically healthy individual—that is, Country dwellers become physically, psychologically, and socially healthy and economically efficient than City inhabitants.
I. Elements of Country Living
A. Physical Environment: Natural
B. Psychological: Laid-back life, No stress
C. Social: Close-knit relationships because of small community
D. Economical: Economically efficient because of low cost of living
II. Elements of City Living
A. Physical Environment: Urban and Developed
B. Psychological: Fast-paced and Stressful
C. Social: Individuated because of Large, Diverse Communities
D. Economical: High cost of living

Why is Country Living Better than City Living?: A Comparative Analysis of Country and City Living
Industrialization has brought to the contemporary society the joys of closer communication and better living; it has also brought into us societal development through urbanization and migration. For many years, people sought the ideal life of living in an urbanized region or area, where all opportunities such as jobs, commodities, and other human needs abound. However, many years after the sudden influx of people from rural to urban areas had occurred, society is once again …

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