Stroke Questionaire Essay Sample

Stroke Questionaire Essay Sample

Some of the problems faced by the Stroke Center are caused by lack of information and knowledge acquired by stroke patients and their families in the course of heart attacks, and the financial capability of the Stroke Center to build up more teams that can specialize in the administration of heart attack patients.

The foremost problem of the Stroke Center is the limited knowledge of heart attack victims and their families in managing a heart attack event, especially knowledge on TPA and the immediate medical attention required by victims to be administered with TPA. Such lack of knowledge results to the victim missing the chances of overcoming the battle against the consequences of a stroke such as disability. It also results to a very low percentage rate of heart attack victims who get TPA treatment.

Another problem the Stroke Center faces regarding lack of information on TPA is the criticisms they get which demands that every stoke victim must receive the same quick attention being given to TPA eligible patients.

The best method the Stroke Center should respond to these problems is by providing the public with enough information and educating them regarding the …

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