A Study of a Manager Resume Sample

A Study of a Manager Resume Sample

The job of Manager is much coveted. Who does not want to have a bunch of people working under him or her? While small firms may require just one or two managers to monitor the entire business, large companies require many managers. A Manager Resume Sample format would surely help aspirants of managerial jobs to prepare a suitable resume.

Businesses are so diverse today and there are so many specialized functions that there are jobs for many kinds of managers – Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, IT Manager, Project Manager, HR Manager, Technical Manager, Finance Manager – the list goes on.

Apart from technical expertise, a managerial job aspirant should have people management skills. He should not only get along well with others but also have the ability to lead them and inspire them to put in their best work.

You can easily find a  Manager Resume Sample online.

A typical Manager Resume would contain the following :

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact Numbers
  • Email
  • Current industry and Designation
  • Objective
  • Professional Experience
  • Special Job Achievements
  • Education
  • Memberships

Manager Resume Samples may look simple but a lot of thought has to go into the actual preparation of the resume. Most of us will have experiences in various industries. But when you apply for the post of Manager you need to focus on experience in the particular industry where you are applying for work.

For instance, you may have worked as Hotel Manager for some time before entering the realty industry. Now you are applying for post of Manager in a real estate firm. When you write your resume, your stint as Hotel Manager can be mentioned to acquaint your prospective employer with your managerial experience. However the spotlight has to be on your real estate experience, how many years you have spent in the realty field, your job responsibilities, whether you have experience leading teams and so on.

You may have never worked as a manager but aspire to be one. You believe strongly in your leadership abilities and you are also a quick decision maker. So you wish to apply for a managerial post. You currently have a bookkeeper resume or an engineer resume.  You now want to climb the career ladder and be an Accounts Manager or Project Manager. In such a case, mention your objective clearly in your resume and explain why you think you are a good fit for the job.

A resume download from the internet or using Manager Resume Samples may look easy. But  remember that you are applying for the post of Manager and a unique resume will create a good impression about you.

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