Summary Of Andrew Carnegie Wealth Essay Sample

Summary Of Andrew Carnegie Wealth Essay Sample

… This essay argues against the “Gospel of Wealth” of Andrew Carnegie which stated that the strongest and most economically suited people would survive and that people should be free to operate with government interference. Suitable for US history as well, any level.

Andrew Carnegie and the “Gospel of Wealth”

When Americans turned from fighting the Civil War and making weapons to more …

… high if the society would survive.
Carnegie contended that people has a “duty with the practical” (Carnegie 285), however, this practical thought pattern ignored many important elements and his entire argument losses credibility. Carnegie fails to address the truly human elements of business and society. He ignores the obligations that people have to each other and the fact that all people are not equally gifted when it …

… its most promote objections making it ill?based. In truth, a few could continue to reap large profits through the exploitation of the masses and the fittest could control the largest percentage of wealth in the United States without regard for society as a whole. Materialism could reign supreme and ethics could be cast aside, but these hands off attitudes would eventually create so much exploitation that ..

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