Summary Of Aristotle S Theory Of The Golden Mean Essay Sample

Summary Of Aristotle S Theory Of The Golden Mean Essay Sample

… include external goods like wealth, fame, honor, power, friends; bodily goods like life, health, good looks, strength, dexterity, athletic ability; and finally, goods of the soul like virtue, knowledge, education, creativity, friendship, education.
Aristotle believes that certain of these goods are necessary prerequisites for happiness. We must have life and health in order to be happy. If we are born ugly, people will not be pleased by …

… ). Scientific inquiry (a combination of episteme, Sophia, and nous) aims at the possession of genuine knowledge. It is the closest thing to the activity of God.
Aristotle believes in temperance. Proper pride is a moral virtue; excessive humility or undue vanity are vices. Courage is the golden mean between rashness and cowardice. Generosity is a virtue, while wastefulness or stinginess are vices. Thus, no quality is inherently …

… how it is exercised, harmoniously, rationally, that matters. This is practical wisdom. Moderation in all things, or, as the I Ching says, “Be like the sun at midday.” This is Aristotle’s famous theory of the mean. In all actions, Aristotle writes, “there is excess, defect, and the intermediate.” He concludes: “Virtue, then, is a state of character concerned with choice, lying in a mean…determined by …

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