Summary Of Baroque Times

Summary Of Baroque Times

… The Baroque Period
An Annotated Bibliography

Chaffee, Kevin. Baroque sights, sounds at the gallery. The Washington Times,
May 19, 2000.

The National Gallery of Art set up a spectacular exhibit of the Baroque period that included scale models of baroque-era churches, palaces, military forts and grand public buildings. They had problems getting nearly 300 guests through the enormous exhibit. The huge exhibit took up the length of two entire corridors on the main and ground floors of the West Building.

Baroque in Art and Architecture.” The Columbia Encyclopedia . 6th ed. 2000.
This encyclopedia article outlines the emphasis of the …

… and styles, including landscape and watercolor. This text also includes numerous illustrations of British paintings to help the reader better understand the details of art from the era.

Wittkower, Rudolf, Jennifer Montagu, Joseph Connors and John Pinto ed. Art
and Architecture in Italy, 1600-1750: Early, High and Late Baroque.
Connecticut:Yale University Press, 1999.

This text serves as a survey of Baroque art and architecture in Italy. The book focuses on each time period of the Baroque era, early, high and late, as it examines the impact of art all across Italy, with major focus put on Rome, Venice …

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