Summary Of The Book The Pianist Essay Sample

Summary Of The Book The Pianist Essay Sample

.. the article is to introduce Ha Jin as a writer and paint a picture of his accomplishments to the reader. The main points of the article include a description of the Tiananmen Square massacre; Ha Jin’s relationship to the massacre; the topics of Ha Jin’s stories; and the purpose of his writing.

The article uses details of Ha Jin’s stories as supporting details, as well as information on why his writing is so powerful. The article’s author also tries to make a connection between the Chinese and American cultures in the article.

Question #2
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… in capturing the reader’s attention. It discusses the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre in a quick sentence that lures the reader. The author then ties the event in with the point of the story, which is to critique Ha Jin’s new book.
The article is timely, as the book was just released. It is also meticulous in content, as it discusses not only what Ha Jin writes about but also gives the reader some background information on Ha Jin. The author discusses Ha Jin’s work without overly praising it. However, the author seems a little wordy when discussing …

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