Summary Of Dibs In Search Of Self

Summary Of Dibs In Search Of Self

… Clear explanation of the methods used in data collection
-what database was used?
-how were the articles located?
-what limitations were put on articles so that they met the criteria of the paper?
-what descriptors were used to limit the search?
-what criteria were used in deciding which studies to include?
Clear explanation of how the data were analyzed
Summary of Chapter III
Introduction to Chapter IV
Presentation, Evaluation, and Analysis of Findings
Presentation of findings supported by citations from relevant literature
-what do the results of the studies show?
-what implications do these results …

… .” Journal of Learning Disabilities 34(6): 555-65.

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Pisecco, S., K. Wristers, et al. (2001). “The effect of academic self-concept on ADHD and antisocial behaviors in early adolescence.” Journal of Learning Disabilities 34(5): 450-62.

Podolski, C.-L. and J. T. Nigg (2001). “Parent stress and coping in relation to child ADHD severity and associated child disruptive behavior problems.” Journal of Clinical Child Psychology 30(4): 503-14 …

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