Summary Of Eugene O Neill S Strange Interlude

Summary Of Eugene O Neill S Strange Interlude

… This is a plot summary of Eugene O’Neil’s A Touch of a Poet.

A Touch of the Poet

In the early 1930s, when Eugene ONeill was still at the height of his powers as a playwright, he developed one of the most ambitious projects of the American theatre. His intended to write a cycle of nine plays, which later grew to eleven, presenting through several related families and connected stories a tale of life in American between 1775 and 1932. The work was to be called A Tale of Self?possessors,Self-dispossessed. ONeill completed seven of the plays and began on the eight, but by 1940 he felt that his work had come to a dead end and there was nothing else that he could do. The consensus is that heath problems and the state of his family relations caused him to abandon the project. After his stroke in 1943, it became impossible for him to complete the project. The Iceman Cometh came in 1946, but ONeills prowess as a playwright had waned and in the meantime he destroyed most of the seven plays that were meant …

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