Summary Of Federalist Paper 78

Summary Of Federalist Paper 78

… thus, they were lost in the shuffle. The irony of it all is that gifted-ness seems to run in families and the children of these repressed gifted students are, themselves, gifted.
In summary, the gifted student presents a complete set of unique need to the educational systems. These students are often ridiculed by their peers and looked-down upon by their teachers. They are often separated …

… state education despite the damage it had done. (Jones, 2003)

While the debate over declining standards, performance, and dumbing down of the school system could take up the remainder of this thesis, this paper will limit its scope to the effects of this general trend on the educational progress of gifted students. The problem distills down to this: In an environment which is no longer effectively educating …

… times more likely to die by gunfire than their peers in other nations.
The culturing of inner values has all but disappeared from our nations schools. Yet
James Madison observed in the Federalist Papers that democracy cannot function unless our leaders and citizens are in a higher degree of virtue than any other form of government.
While these conflicts have been alluded to herein, they have …

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