A Summary Of Gateway Computers Essay

A Summary Of Gateway Computers Essay

A review of the article “The role of technology in early childhood learning” by Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama.

… note that there are still researchers that disagree with this assessment. They then go on to note that they will investigate this negative research, a claim that they fail to fulfil in any significant way. The paper is largely a discussion of the positive aspects of the role of computers, with very little time given to potential negatives.
In the following paragraphs, Clements and Sarama delve into the evidence that points to the developmental appropriateness of computers in the preschool classroom. They note that children are highly comfortable using computers, and that computers are often easily accessible even to children …

… bias toward the use of the computer in the classroom. The author’s even seem to be surprised that opposing opinions even exist, revealed in the statement “We were surprised and disappointed to find that some authors still disagree with current research about computer use by young children”. In summary, the article is an interesting and insightful review of the literature, but this clear-cut bias is disturbing as it undermines the credibility of the review as an impartial source. …

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